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A good doctor has a full knowledge about his patient’s health. But has he count only on himself? Maybe there is a way to help him do his job? Or maybe the patient could get the information about his health by himself? And finally – how to achieve that all… on the other side of the globe?


Goal: Help in the cure

Our task was to create a tool which improves doctors’ job and help in better communication between them and their patients.

A platform, dedicated on the US medical market, had to be associated with serving clinics network.

Clinic service,
test results preview

Project description

We’ve created a tool that allows on sorting patients’ files, accordingly to chosen syndromes. MDClick helps in directing patients to tests appropriate to their health, planning further treatment and monitoring medicines.

The benefits for patients are, in turn, a permanent access to the specialists’ database and his own test results. Thanks to the app it is also possible to fulfill orders for medicines by picking them up directly from the pharmacy.


Scope of work

Concept, software, design


  • rest
  • soap
  • saml
  • sso

The effect of work – certificate medical platform

We’ve programmed and tested a tool which supports smooth cooperation between patients, doctors and clinics. Due to the data exchange some of the aspects of doctors’ work have been automated – some of the symptoms have proposed tests treatment defined. MDclick is also integrated with insurance companies.

MDclick got a Drummond Group ONC-ATCB certificate. Drummond Group is an Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ATCB).

112 000

patients using MDclick

13 000 000

number of medical tests
saved in the system

606 000

number of medicines
registered in the system


medical interface